The Temptation Holidays Rule Book

At Temptation Holidays, your enjoyment is important to us!

To ensure that you and your fellow guests enjoy your experience, we have put together some rules to help things to go along smoothly.

You can also find rules relating to specific resorts and cruises on their pages too!

The Rules:

  • In topless and clothing optional holidays, we ask that all guests wear appropriate attire in all the restaurants and any other designated areas that are not clearly marked as topless or clothing optional. Please refer to the individual resorts or cruise rules for more details.
  • Your privacy is important to us. Due to the unique nature of the resorts and cruises, it is important privacy is respected. Taking photos and videos is strictly forbidden. Any exceptions to this rule are specified in the individual resorts or cruise rules.
  • Please refrain from sexual activities in public areas.
  • Please treat all guests with the utmost respect and remember the Golden Rule: ‘NO’ means ‘NO’.
  • Some of the resorts have couples only areas, please refer to the individual resorts or cruise rules for further details.
  • Drug use is strictly prohibited.
  • Please respect fellow guests. On the cruises, you will be expected to keep noise levels to a minimum in the ship’s corridors after midnight.
  • Keep your valuables safe! The resort or the cruise ship operator will not be held responsible for any items left outside of your safety deposit box. Please ensure you place all valuable items in the safe within your room or cabin.
  • Don’t encourage staff members to get involved, they are forbidden to interact intimately and are not allowed to drink with guests. If they do, they will be immediately dismissed.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your holiday!