Temptation Cancun Resort, the exciting adult-only, all-inclusive resort, is the must-visit destination for couples who want to enjoy a sexy, welcoming adults-only holiday!

If this is your first visit to Temptation Cancun Resort you may have a lot of questions about the resort and how to get the most from your trip; from what to wear to where to eat. We’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions and insider insights to give you the ultimate guide to enjoying Temptation Cancun Resort.

This is our first adult-only holiday and we’re a little nervous - what can we expect?

We promise there is absolutely nothing to feel nervous about! The minute you arrive you will experience the welcoming and friendly service the resort is known for. Expect to be wowed by the gorgeous decor and styling of both public and private areas of the resort and the friendliness of staff and guests alike.

The party atmosphere at Temptation Cancun is like nowhere else, making it easy to relax and get chatting to other holidaymakers. There are organised activities, pool parties, themed nights and more, which will help break the ice with other guests. Although there is a lot to enjoy, the environment is relaxed and friendly, so there is never any pressure to get involved in any of the activities if you don’t want to.

For times when you want to chill more than party head to the Quiet Pool and take a break from the fun and recharge your batteries. It’s also a good way to meet other guests!

Temptation Cancun has an atmosphere that is sexy, adventurous and welcoming, and your pace and preferences will be respected by other holidaymakers. There is a strict privacy policy which helps to ensure a respectful and relaxed experience, more details of which can be found under resort rules here.

What should I pack in my carry-on bag for Cancun?

  • Depending on what time you arrive at Temptation Cancun you may want to add some extras to your travel bag. Check-in is at 3pm so if you are arriving earlier in the day it might help to have swimwear, flip-flops and a small bottle of sunscreen in your bag. That way you can head to the pool, grab a cocktail and start enjoying yourself.

What clothes should I pack for Temptation Cancun Resort?

  • For a week in the sunshine of Mexico, we’d suggest packing all the usual beach resort clothes - shorts, tees, skirts, light dresses and lots of swim-wear for days at the pool or beach! Add in some more adventurous clothing so you have the choice if you want to be a little more daring.
  • There are 7 restaurants at the resort and it’s always recommended to have a change of clothing after you’ve spent the day at the pool or beach because no one likes sitting in a wet patch and to make sure you meet the restaurants’ dress codes.
  • If you enjoy dressing up for dinner at one of the speciality restaurants like SHE or SUTRA pack some dressier clothes, think sexy elegance for the ladies and long trousers, collared shirts and closed shoes for the gents.

Do I have to wear fancy dress for the theme nights?

  • You don’t have to wear fancy dress as it isn’t compulsory, but it is great fun. The Bash bar hosts a different theme night every single night and dressing up is a brilliant way to join in. It’s also a great way to get talking to other guests, as well helping guests to let their inhibitions go and to get into the swing of the night.

Is Temptation Cancun Resort a topless or nudist resort?

  • The resort is not a nudist resort but it you can go topless in the topless optional designated areas. These include pool and beach areas. If you’re feeling shy or are not ready to go topless, you can keep your bikini top on until you do feel ready.

Is room service included at Temptation Cancun Resort?

  • If you are booked into The Tower 24-hour room service is included in your holiday, otherwise, there is an additional charge.

Are there limitations on what I can order from the room service menu?

  • The menu lists suggested dishes for different times of the day, but you can order any dish at any time and delivery time is around 20 minutes. There is lots to choose from, but the restaurants are pretty amazing, and you won’t want to miss out on these either.
  • However, room service is a great choice if you want a quiet night in or a romantic meal in your room.
  • Room service also means you can invite new friends back to your room to get to know them better too or order an after-party meal to ward off hunger pangs (and a hangover?!) after a night of partying!

I have gluten intolerance or food allergy will I be able to eat any food at Temptation Cancun?

  • Yes, all the restaurants cater for special dietary requirements. You might want to let us know in advance so you can feel rest assured that your needs will be catered for.
  • Please do mention it to the restaurant staff before you start your meal so the chefs can accommodate you.
  • Some guests with allergies prefer to stick to a-la-carte menus rather than buffet sections, but if you have any questions the staff will help.

Which type of room should I choose at Temptation Cancun Resort?

  • All the rooms at Temptation Cancun Resort are beautifully decorated with contemporary colourful design features and luxury facilities, you’ll be spoilt whichever room you choose.
  • If you want to be in the heart of the party atmosphere, we suggest a Garden View, Ocean View or Jacuzzi View rooms.
  • Couples who want to enjoy private jacuzzi time and stunning sea views should choose a Seduction Beachfront Suite.
  • If you want to lounge in exclusive rooftop luxury, choose a room or suite in The Tower; 7 floors of luxury rooms with exclusive VIP extras including VIP check-in and check-out, butler service, a swag bag full of treats, extra room facilities and an exclusive VIP rooftop sundeck and bar with stunning views over Cancun.

Are there any excursions around Cancun that I can book onto?

  • Yes! There are many excursions and activities that you can take part in. From boat parties or scuba diving at the beach to historic and cultural excursions there is something for everyone.
  • Excursions can be booked at the resort and there is an additional cost.

Is Wi-Fi included at Temptation Cancun Resort?

  • Yes, there is limited free Wi-Fi throughout the resort and, an unlimited Wi-Fi package can be bought for streaming and video on demand (Netflix and the like).

I have a late airport transfer can I still use the restaurants after checkout?

  • Yes. Use your checkout slip to access restaurant and bar areas between checkout and your transfer.

Do I need a Visa or other travel documents to travel to Mexico?

  • If you are travelling from the UK, you’ll need a valid passport for the duration of your stay, and you will need to complete an immigration form.
  • For more Mexico travel information see our Mexico Destination Guide

We think we’ve included all the insider knowledge you need to enjoy your stay at Temptation Resort Cancun, but if we’ve missed anything that you’d like to know, you can send your question to us at info@temptationholidays.com or give us a call on 0208 776 3030.