If it’s your first time on an adult only cruise you may be wondering what, other than clothes, that you will and won't need to pack. 

All our adult lifestyle cruises are all-inclusive and luxurious giving you an incredible experience, but there are some packing tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your cruise.

We’ve put together a massive list of 41 cruise packing ideas to help you out whether you are a novice cruiser or an experienced adventurer. These tips cover everything from how to get the most out of your cabin to tips for port days as well as ideas for enjoying the adult lifestyle on your holiday. 

Whether you use all of these tips, some of them or none of them we know you’ll have a wonderful time on your adult lifestyle cruise.


Getting organised before you go 

There’s a lot to do and take in on a cruise, even if you’re planning to laze by the pool by day and party by night, getting organised will make sure you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying yourself.


Luggage tags

Print out your paper cruise tags at home and pop them into cruise luggage tags that are easy to attach to your luggage and keep them safe and tidy. Much easier than trying to staple your paper tags to your luggage.



You’ll be issued with a room keycard for your cabin, a lanyard with pocket will help you keep it safe and on hand throughout your holiday.


Printout of any pre-booked shows or excursions 

There’s a lot of adventures to be had during an adult only cruise, from shore trips and spa treatments to sexy workshops and shows, printing out the confirmations of any pre-booked extras will make sure you won't miss out when you get to your cruise.



With so much going on each day on your adult lifestyle cruise, a  highlighter will help you keep track of what you want to do and where you want to be each day on the ship’s newsletter.


Carry-on bag

A carry-on bag with the essentials for your first day aboard your ship will mean you can start enjoying your cruise without having to wait for your luggage to arrive at your cabin.


Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are sets of square zipped bags that help you keep your bags organised and maximise luggage space. They can also double as drawer organisers when you’re in your cabin.


Making the most of your cabin

As luxurious as our all-inclusive, couples only cruises are, you may find that your cabin is snug rather than spacious. Packing space saving and organising accessories will make it easy to stay organised and relaxed during your cruise.


USB power strip

Some cruise ships don’t allow plug extensions, choose a USB power strip to make it easy to charge your phones, tablet and USB charge sex toys


Power bank

Pack a power bank, charge it overnight and never run out of charge during the day. 


UK, European or US plug adapter

If you’re cruising in a different country, make sure you’ve got a plug adapter so you can plug in your electrics.


Magnetic wall hooks

Cruise ship cabins have metal walls, magnetic wall hooks mean you can hang up towels, backpacks and jackets easily and maximise space in your cabin. 


Hanging organiser

Hanging organisers are a great way to keep your cabin tidy. Use an over the door shoe organiser to hold sunscreen, sex toys, lube and other small items that you want to keep organised and easy to reach.


Wrinkle release spray

You might be spending your time nude or with as few clothes on as possible if you’re on one of our nude cruise holidays, but for those times you want to cover up and dress up, wrinkle release spray will keep you looking fresh and smart without the bother of ironing.


Laundry bag

Keep your dirty laundry away from your clean clothes with a laundry bag, throw them in and forget about it till you get home! 


Bathroom organiser

Keep your toiletries and first aid kit tidy and organised throughout your trip


Suction toothbrush holder

Keeps your toothbrush out of the sink and in easy reach!


Poo Pourri bathroom spray

Adventurous food options, exotic cocktails, close quarters, what can we say, a bathroom spray will help keep your cabin smelling sweet. Especially important if you invite guests to play!


Sleep mask or blindfold

Take a sleep mask to make sure you aren’t wakened by light under the doors or early morning light through the curtains and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. 

Sleep masks can also double as a blindfold for playtime with your partner.


White noise app

You can party all night if you wish, but if you head to bed before the end of the party you might want to block out the noise of any revellers that are walking your corridor. A white noise app is a great way to block out any unwanted noise creeping into your cabin and spoiling your sleep.


Travel fan

The cabin on your adult only cruise will have air-conditioning, but many people also pack a small travel fan to give them an extra fresh breeze in their cabin. Travel fans also act as a source of white noise if you need help sleeping.


Travel alarm clock

Cruise cabins don't have clocks, taking a travel clock set to ship’s time will make sure you never oversleep - unless you want to.


Antibacterial wipes

All those people, all those hands! While lots of hands can be a lot of fun in some situations, they can also spread germs, a packet of antibacterial wipes will help make sure that germs are kept at bay. Use them to wipe down surfaces, door handles, remote controls and anything else you want to keep germ-free.



Night lights will make it easy to find your way to the loo in the middle of the night without disturbing the rest of the cabin or help create a more romantic ambience than cabin lighting might allow for.


First Aid Kit

Plasters, pain killers, creams for stings and bites; a small first aid kit will help look after any minor bumps and bruises during your trip.


A few tips we’ve picked up from experienced cruisers on what you’ll need as you explore your ship.


Beach chair towel clips

Towel clips will keep your towel from flying away if it gets windy on deck and stops it from slipping down your sunbed as you take in the sun.



Make sure you pack your sunscreen in the right SPF for you, especially if you’re planning to go topless or nude. The only pink skin should be from the flush of pleasure, not the pain of sunburn!


Aloe Vera or aftersun

However hard you try you may get a little sunburnt, aftersun or aloe vera will help cool the heat of too much sun.


Travel sickness pills

It can take a while to get used to the movement of the ship even for the most seasoned sailor. Travel sickness pills ensure you can get on with your holiday as soon as you board and not get stuck in your cabin.



Even though most of us use our phones for timekeeping on cruises you might be on ships time rather than the port your going to or have left. Having a wristwatch that is on ship’s time means you’ll never miss being where you want to be when you want to be there.



It can get windy on deck and combined with sunshine this can easily dry out your lips. Keep them smooth and kissable with chapstick or lip salve.


A day in port 

With so much entertainment on deck, you might not want to leave the ship, but if you’re planning to go ashore during your adult only cruise here are some ideas for making your shore days enjoyable.


Waterproof phone case

Keep your phone protected from splashes around the pool or when you go ashore with a waterproof phone case. 


Waterbottle or thermos flask or cup

Keep your water cool all day when you go on shore excursions with a thermal water bottle or flask, it’ll prove as handy on board as it is ashore. 


Snorkel set

Snorkelling off Mediterranean or Caribbean beaches is a breathtaking experience. You may be able to hire snorkel kit from your ship, if not, remember to bring your own. 


Beach shoes

Neoprene beach shoes are a good alternative to flip flops as you can swim in them and they protect your feet from any underwater surprises.


Rash vests

If you’re heading to the beach when you reach port, rash vests are a great way to stay safe from the sun as you splash in the waves.


Foldable travel tote

Pop it in your day back as you head ashore and fill it up with souvenirs. 


Insect repellents

Whether you prefer sprays, creams or bracelets, insect repellents will be a must if you’re planning to go ashore. 



There can be a lot to see at sea; you may be lucky enough to spot dolphins or whales while you’re at sea, you can check out the port as you sail in and they’re great for shore excursions too.


Enjoying the adult lifestyle on board

Let’s not be coy, if you’ve booked onto an adult lifestyle cruise you’re thinking about sex. Just as with any other aspect of your holiday, making sure you’ve remembered everything for your sexual exploration will help make your holiday more enjoyable.



Even if you don’t usually use them and aren’t planning to play with anyone other than your partner, having condoms on hand mean that you’ll be prepared whatever happens. Using condoms over sex toys mean you can extend the way you play safely.



An essential in any bag of sexy play items, plenty of lube means plenty of fun. Remember to choose one that’s compatible with any toys or condoms that you’re packing.


Favourite sex toys

Sex toys make sex more fun and many of them come in travel-friendly compact versions these days. Pack your favourites and don't forget batteries and chargers!


Sex toy cleaner

Keep everything clean and hygienic with a sex toy cleaner.


Have we forgotten anything? If you’re an experienced adult lifestyle sailor head over to Twitter or Instagram to share your tips for getting the most from your adult lifestyle holiday and we’ll share them with the other sexy sailors!

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