Packing. It’s the worst part of any holiday, isn’t it?! (Well, apart from the leaving and coming home at the end part) That dilemma of what to pack and what not to pack, it’s practically a minefield! I mean my favourite phase when packing is “just in case”, which inevitably means I will have to go through my packing and take out things I know I won’t need or that I could probably buy anything I might forget! But if you’re about to set off on your first adult holiday with Temptation Holidays, you might be a little unsure what should be going into your suitcase. Never fear! I’m here to make sure you remember to take everything you need to have the absolute time of your life and to remind you that you can indeed buy anything you may forget once you’re there!

Hand Luggage Sex Toys… Or Not!
If you’re going away for a long-haul trip, let’s face it if you’re like me you’ll be taking a big suitcase. Nevertheless, space is always at a premium when going on holiday, so you’ll want to be savvy about the kinds of toys you take with you.

I wouldn’t recommend taking your entire toy collection, the key thing to remember is to choose wisely! I would recommend packing a small but powerful vibrator or two, something that doesn’t take up too much room and is easy to recharge. Eye masks or silk ties are great additions too and they’re light in weight!

Some of the resorts featured in Temptation Holidays have shops that sell sex toys and accessories, so you can always pick something up if it takes your fancy.

An extra pro tip: don’t forget batteries, charging cables, and – if applicable – plug adaptors suitable for your destination.

Safer Sex Supplies
You knew I was going to say this, didn’t you? Whether you’re getting sexy just the two of you or are hoping to have some wild adventures with new friends, you’re going to need your safe sex supplies. Put in a variety of condoms, dams and gloves (ideally non-latex as well as latex versions,) and your favourite lube. Toy wipes are also a good idea, so that you can clean your toys properly between uses. A good rule of thumb here is to take a little more of everything than you think you’re likely to need. Better to have to bring some home with you than to run out half way through your trip.

A Sexy Outfit (Or Two!)
Although some of the resorts and cruises featured on Temptation Holidays are topless or clothing optional, there are lots of opportunities to dress up! There are themed nights where guests are encouraged to dress up in the theme of the party. So, check out the party plan for each holiday for inspirational ideas! There are no restrictions, so you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable. This is the time to pack your sexiest lingerie, your tiniest bikini and that latex outfit you’ve been looking at and not sure you dare wear. Get out your leather, your lace, your wildest and most decadent outfits and get ready to party. Nothing is off-limits when you’re among like-minded adults.

Something smart to wear
Something to bear in mind is that even on topless or clothing-optional holidays, you will need to wear clothes in the areas that are not designated topless or clothing-optional. The restaurants will insist that you wear clothes whilst dining. There are also specialist restaurants where you may want to dress up for the occasion. You don’t need to go full black-tie or anything, but something classy and smart goes a long way. Gentlemen, think a nice button-down shirt, a pair of good trousers and a tie. Ladies, a pretty cocktail dress or LBD will serve you well. Wear whatever makes you feel like a million dollars, and you won’t go far wrong!

Sunscreen and a hat
Whether you’re nude or not, sunburn is not sexy or fun. Bring plenty of Factor 50 and a sun hat!

Tools to Take Care of Yourself
Seven days surrounded by like-minded hedonists can be fun but a very intense experience. You’re going to need to take good care of yourself and you may want to have some down-time. Some of the resorts and cruises feature designated quiet areas where you can take yourself away from all the action. Bring a book to entertain yourself when you need a break, bring whatever you need to make sure you get some good shut-eye (a sleep mask and earplugs?) and don’t forget any regular medication you take.

And one thing to leave at home: Your mobile/tablet/laptop!
Ok, I know this one isn’t going to happen! But it’s a good excuse to leave these in your room so you can switch off and enjoy the atmosphere. It also worth noting that some of the resorts and cruises on Temptation Holidays do not allow you to film or take photos in certain areas, so please do check before you get your phone out! …And when you do take pics, don’t forget to tag us using #TemptationHolidays. We would love to see them!