In any long-term relationship, and in particular a monogamous one, keeping the sexual spark alive over the years can be a challenge. All too often, couples in long-term partnerships report feeling dissatisfied or bored, or even that their relationship is lacking sexual intimacy entirely. Maintaining intimacy takes work, and both partners have to be continually committed to communicating to each other on a regular basis. Even if your intimate life with your partner is amazing, there are always new adventures to be had, new things to explore, and new ways to deepen your connection and become even closer.

With some of the holidays on offer at Temptation Holidays, open-minded and liberated couples have the option of exploring their sexual boundaries in safe and private designated areas. However, this is not a requirement! Playrooms are available and are completely optional. Some of our guests will choose to play while others will not. Either way all guests are guaranteed a wonderful holiday experience.

What can we get out of an adult lifestyle holiday as a monogamous couple?
For one, a brilliant holiday! Anyone who has ever been on a romantic getaway will understand the way in which a simple change of scene and extended amounts of one-to-one time with your partner can lift the barriers to intimacy. There’s a reason why holiday sex has the reputation it does!

With our resorts and cruises, you can expect beautiful places with the person you love, and the environment is liberal and sex positive. Even if you decide you don’t want to explore your sexuality with other people, the erotic environment can have the effect of kickstarting your libido or pushing it into high gear. It also helps that no phones are allowed so you’re able to fully switch off and relax with your partner.

If you are inclined towards the exhibitionistic or voyeuristic, you’ll be in heaven at our play resorts, where you can watch and be watched to your heart’s content. Preferring to interact physically only with each other, while also making eyes at that sexy couple across the room or admiring that hot person who just walked in, is a completely valid way to enjoy the lifestyle. Plus, others watching and admiring you will make you both feel like a million dollars! Even if you don’t want to participate, you can watch and then take all that sexy energy back to your hotel room and have a wonderful time in private.

If having sex in front of others or watching other people have sex seems like too much for you, you can still enjoy the pleasure and freedom of casual nudity in a non-judgemental and body-positive environment with our nude holidays. The naturist community tend to decouple nudity from sex, and if all you want to do is relax on the beach and bask in the sun, you’ll find a safe haven to do just that.

Whatever type of trip you choose and whatever you’re specifically looking to get out of it, you’ll certainly have tonnes of fun and come away with some new friends.

What if someone tries to join in with us or get us to join in with them?
No-one ever has to do anything they don’t want to do. Our rulebook clearly states that no means no at all times and should be taken at face value. Once you’ve said no once, that person or people should not ask you again. Feedback from our guests is that they feel very safe on our trips and feel that their consent and right to say no are always respected.

“Oh, no thank you, we’re actually monogamous, but we enjoy watching!” is a good line to have up your sleeve should you get propositioned. Remember, it’s a huge compliment to be asked, so be gracious when you turn someone down. And feel free to bask in the joy that someone thinks you’re hot!

If someone is hassling you or will not leave you alone, speak to a member of staff. We are invested in providing a safe environment for everyone, and you should never have to say no to the same person more than once.

Go on, book a trip with us and we promise you and your loved one will have an amazing time!