We all think we know what adult lifestyle means, but do we really? When it comes to adult lifestyle, there are myths and misconceptions abound.

In this blog post, I will attempt to bust a few of the more common ones but it is worth remembering that not everything is as you think it might be. It’s always worth doing your research and don’t believe everything you hear!


Myth One: “Everyone is young and beautiful”

The adult lifestyle appeals to people of different ages, races, looks and backgrounds. There are no requirements that you must look a certain way or be from a particular background, you don’t! Obviously, we all have our personal preferences on what we find attractive, but that is no different to the world outside of adult lifestyle.  The adult lifestyle community is an accepting one providing you are respectful of each other and ask for consent.

Personally, I have met people of all ages, from 21 right the way up to 80! What I love is that it is such a non-judgemental community, and everyone is welcome.


Myth Two: “Everyone is middle-aged and has been doing this since the 70’s”

Believe it or not, open relationships were not invented in the 1970’s! The concept has been around long before then and will continue to be around long after. As sexual attitudes have changed over the years and society has become more open when discussing sex, we now hear more about the adult lifestyle community than we may have done previously. This is great as it gives us the opportunity to discuss the lifestyle and expel some of those myths. It also allows individuals interested in exploring the lifestyle to find out more without feeling embarrassed.


Myth Three: “Everyone has sex with everyone else.”

This one is a popular misconception! Just because you attend an adult lifestyle gathering, it does not automatically mean you will have sex. The adult lifestyle is a culture of consent. If you are to engage in the adult lifestyle, you must ask for consent. No means no.

This is one of the key rules that Temptation Holidays endorses. Guests must abide by the Temptation Holidays Rule Book, which can be viewed here.

You may choose only to watch and engage in sex with your own partner, which is of course completely acceptable. Or you may want to play with others but under strict and specific parameters by setting boundaries, which is also absolutely fine. Even if you choose to engage freely in sex with others, consent is still required. Ultimately it is your choice!


Myth Four: “As a woman, you have to be bisexual to engage in the adult lifestyle.”

Actually, you don’t! There is a greater degree of sexuality fluidity in the lifestyle due to it being a more permissive and accepting atmosphere for experimentation, openness and honest communication.

However, there are women that do identify as straight and only want to have sexual interactions with men. That is completely fine, it is your choice and your boundaries should be respected by everyone including your own partner. No one should pressure you into anything you don’t want to do.


Myth Five: “As a man, you have to be straight to participate in the adult lifestyle.”

Again, you don’t have to be a straight man to engage in the lifestyle. However, if you are a bisexual or gay man and are uncertain, you can always ask ahead of time to alleviate any concerns you may have.


Myth Six: “Couples get into the lifestyle to fix an ailing marriage.”

There are some couples that believe by engaging in the lifestyle that they will save their marriage. However, it is never that simple! If couples are struggling in their relationships, they may try a variety of things in attempt to fix it. In some cases, it works and in other cases, it doesn’t.

From my experience, the majority of couples I have encountered in the lifestyle are happy, secure and genuinely in love withtheir partner. They have made the choice to share the experience of the lifestyle together and it is something they participate in for fun, enjoyment and because sharing sexual adventures brings them closer together. For them it is not a solution to a problem or a way to patch up a struggling relationship.